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The Hunt Family Archives

Generation 1 
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Family Tree



You know, why should I be able to make it past gen 2 of any sim story?

Our house was broken into and my laptop was stolen. *shoots life in the face*

I have a sims game installed on my boyfriends computer so hopefully nothing happens to that? *fingers crossed*
Welcome to another installment of the Hunt Family Legacy! Last chapter Carrie got preggers and Jeb got promotions. This chapter, well, there's a lot of spam. :)


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Hey guys! I'm back with another chapter of the Hunt Family! Last time we met our founder, Carrie, who met several guys, including one Jebidiah and they immediately hit it off and he moved in! What else is in store? Find out under the cut ;)
Wheee~ New legacy! This is the Hunt family~ A little legacy I decided to play while waiting for money and actual games. Have fuuun~ 

Chapter 1.1 Here!Collapse )

Almost here

So, my boyfriend introduced me to this gaming thing online called Steam, which just so happens to have Sims 3 on there. So...until I get a monitor for my mac and buy the actual disk, I have at least the base game to play for now. I've started playing a family (yesterday) and I have enough pictures for at least 7 chapters right now (maybe more, I'm trigger happy), so! Expect chapters soon. Remember, this is just a random little legacy until I can get enough expansion packs to begin working on my actual legacies. Though I've already begun falling in love with this family <3. 

Said boyfriend also got me sick <_<

Hey! Hey hey hey!!! :D

Sooo, man I haven't been on here in a while. But! I'm back (whoot!)

Well, not yet officially. See, as many of you know, my laptop decided to die on me, so there went ALL of my sims. BUT! One of our close family friends has been oh so loving and gave me a mac desktop. All I need is a moniter. WHICH I shall be getting hopefully next week. Soooo, this means that pretty soon I will be playing Sims again!

As for my families (as I very much love both the Brown family and the West family - westernbrown) I plan on recreating the both of them. So! Stay tuned, as lots of yummy goodness shall be flowing from this channel in due time!



 Sooo, I may need to uninstall Sims from my computer. I know, horrible aint it? Imma gonna save my files onto my flashdrive so I don't lose my sims. But my computer has been being super slow lately and I need to figure out why. So...no updates as of right now. :(

BUUUUT~ I have another livejournal conveniently located at miamoore01.livejournal.com, where I am putting a story that I'm working on.  

Soorrryyyy D: D: D: